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Our full line of merchandise includes:

Kids' Uniforms and Adult Uniforms - for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Kung Fu.  Ninja uniforms, too!
Sparring Gear - Lightning Headguards, Punches, Kicks and Shin Guards; Macho Deluxe Headguard, MVP Helmet, shin & forearm guards, Dyna Punch and Dyna Kick; Cobra chop and Safety chop gloves, FIST protective gear.
Weapons - Ninja weapons, Nunchaku, wooden and rubber training weapons, Octagon and Round Sai, Samurai swords, throwing knives, throwing stars, Japanese style tantos.
Training Aids - Wing Chun wooden dummy, medicine balls, bounce back and fighting man dummies, eagle catcher, power twisters, rebreakable boards, iron arm conditioning hammer, tournament bags.
Bags & Shields - Kicking shields, hand shields, heavy bags including the six most popular Wavemaster portable models.